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What tracking or analytics does Tango do on my screen? Can I opt out?
What tracking or analytics does Tango do on my screen? Can I opt out?

Tango captures screenshots and webpage data during capture and guidance sessions in order to help create and use documentation.

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Data capture is a scary thing. We get it and we empathize with users who want to take precautions.

In order to provide automatic documentation and the step-by-step visual guidance experience, Tango makes use of web page data to: take screenshots, auto-zoom the action area, write out step-by-step instructions, and identify when correct elements have been interacted with.

This means Tango needs tracking and analytics permissions to work properly.

Rest assured, we want nothing to do with any other kind of data and do not capture it. If you install the Tango extension or desktop app and never capture or use guidance on a workflow, Tango will not collect any data.

In our web application, in order to improve our product, we may directly collect analytics data or use third-party analytics tools (ex. Google Analytics) to help measure usage trends and traffic. This information in aggregate helps us improve the services we offer, for example, identifying areas where users get stuck editing a workflow.

For more information on the data we collect and how we use it, please see our Privacy Policy.

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