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Can you invite users as ‘view-only’ in a Workspace?
Can you invite users as ‘view-only’ in a Workspace?

You can invite guests as viewers to workflows by inviting them to the workflow via email.

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Any Creator invited into a Workspace as a member will be able to view, edit, and share all Workflows in the Workspace.

You can invite users as a Viewer for specific workflows by either leaving them in your Personal library and sharing the workflow with members, or have a workflow either in your Personal or Shared with Workspace library, and invite a non-member to the Workflow. The user will appear as a 'Guest' in the Members tab of your Settings modal.

Please note, Guests may only view or edit individual Tangos. To give a user broader access to your Workspace, add them as a Creator Free. We will be rolling out more formal permission and folder sharing roles soon, so stay tuned!

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