If you are a Tango Pro user experiencing technical difficulties such as:

  • Unable to initial Tango Desktop App

  • Desktop App stuck in an initiation state

  • Workflow images displays as a blank or “Image failed to load” error

Here's how to fix this:

Allow the below Domains and Ports in your firewall.

When whitelisting access for Tango, it's best to whitelist all addresses listed under "Domains" in order to ensure future services we add behind a new subdomain don't get blocked. In the case you're decrypting SSL traffic and are having issues, please turn off decryption to non-URL SSL traffic on your network.

Please whitelist:

  • https://app.posthog.com

  • https://api.segment.io

  • *.us-east-1.amazonaws.com

  • *.tango.us

  • cdn.segment.com

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