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Can I comment on a Tango?
Can I comment on a Tango?

Yes! With Guidance, you can add a comment to any step in a Tango, and add an emoji reaction or comment to the end of the Tango.

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Creation Date: May 11, 2023

Created By: Andrea Bailey

​Users following your Tango using the Guidance panel (Live or static) can add comments to any step! Note that adding comments are only available via Guidance today.

1. In the Guidance side panel, click the comment icon next to any step

2. A comment box will appear at the bottom of the side panel.

3. Type your comment and click the paper airplane icon.

4. You can dismiss the confirmation screen and continue following the workflow

The workflow Creator will be sent an email notification of your comment, including information on the step.

Who sees my comments?

The workflow Creator can see comments, and anyone in the Shared Workspace can view a summary of all comments via the Viewer Analytics panel.

Can I edit comments?

Unfortunately, you can't edit or reply to comments in Tango today.

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