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Is Tango a screen recorder? Does Tango capture video?
Is Tango a screen recorder? Does Tango capture video?

Tango is not a screen recording or video recording tool, but does offer some motion and interactivity when viewed in certain formats.

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Tango is a process capture tool that takes screenshots of the steps in your Workflow and automatically transcribes descriptions of each step. For example, when you click a "Submit" button, Tango will take a picture of the button you click and label it "Click on Submit", but it won't record you moving the mouse over to press the button.

Tango then allows you to use your step-by-step guide in a number of formats. Viewing a Tango by link will create some slight motion effects as a Viewer scrolls. Similarly, viewing a Tango via Embed will create some panning and zooming effects to help a viewer see where the action is on a page. Lastly, viewing a Tango in Guidance also uses some micro animations to help viewers understand where the next step action is meant to occur.

None of these are "video," but do offer some motion and interactivity to your Tangos.

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