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How does billing work for Tango Workspaces?

More information about how billing works when adding and removing teammates in the middle of billing cycles.

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Upgrading your Workspace to Pro

Free Tango Workspaces may have up to 10 Free Creators in a Workspace, and create 15 workflows, before being asked to upgrade to Tango Pro.

When upgrading a Workspace to Pro, you must upgrade all users within the Workspace. Workspaces are billed per seat, based on the number of Creator Pros and Sidekicks in your Workspace.

👉 Note: If you're on a Pro, Business, or Enterprise Plan, every new paid users that's added or joins represents an additional prorated charge.

How you're billed for adding members

Regardless of whether you're paying yearly or monthly, our system reviews how many paid users you've added on a monthly basis.

  • For each paid user, we look at when during your billing interval they were added. You do not get charged for the time they didn't belong to your workspace.

  • You're billed retroactively on a prorated basis, depending on the time they did belong to your workspace. Here's how this works:

    • On a monthly plan, this means you get your regular monthly invoice billing you for the month ahead (including new members), but it will also include retroactive prorated charges for the member(s) you added during your last billing interval.

      • For example, if you upgraded to Pro on May 1, and add a user on May 15, we will bill you on June 1 for that user’s Pro access for the second half of May, and re-up your and their subscription for the month of June.

    • On a yearly plan, this means you'll receive an invoice at the next month mark (on the same calendar date you bought your plan) that will include two things:

      • The amount due for each newly added paid user for the remainder of your year-long plan.

      • Retroactive charges for those new members prorated based on the amount of time they've belonged to your workspace.

      • For example, if you upgrade to an annual plan on May 1, and add 3 users to your annual plan on July 15, you will be charged on August 1 for 3 users, but will only be charged for 9.5 months’ access for their subscription.

How will adding or removing paid users to my workspace affect billing?

Our charges are always prorated. This means that if you downgrade or remove a Creator Pro from your Workspace during your billing period, we credit you the amount based on the time left during that billing cycle of your subscription.

How you're billed after removing members

Same as adding members, our system will register that you've removed paid users on a monthly basis, and credit you for the remainder of the billing cycle that they will no longer use.

  • For each paid user removed, we'll credit you a prorated amount for the time they did not belong to your workspace. You'll only be charged for the time they did belong.

  • These credits will be applied to the amount due in your next billing interval.

  • On a monthly plan, this means you'll see credits applied to the amount due on your regular monthly invoice.

  • On a yearly plan, this means we'll store credits for you until your next invoice or renewal date, and they'll be applied then.

Each Workspace is billed separately

Each Workspace will receive a separate bill, managed by Workspace Admins.

Workspaces are billed based on the number of Creator Pros and Sidekicks in a Workspace. You may not have any Creator Free users in a Pro Workspace.

  • Note: Because billing is at the Workspace level, even if the same users are in multiple workspaces, they will only receive Pro features in the Workspaces where they have been upgraded to Pro. ⚠️

You pay less if you pay yearly. Tango Pro plans are $20 per paid user per month when paid annually versus $24/user/month paid monthly.

We bill you upfront. You always pay for Tango at the start of your billing interval. If you make changes in the middle of a billing interval, we'll prorate how much you're charged (or credited back), so that you only pay for what you actually used.

The billing interval is also set per Workspace.

You could have one workspace billed annually and one billed monthly.

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