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My team is having trouble joining my Workspace
My team is having trouble joining my Workspace

Read on if your team can’t access your Workspace invitation

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Tango’s Workspaces are meant to be shared! If you’ve invited your colleague to join your Workspace, and they’re having issues, try the below troubleshooting tricks:

  1. Double check which Tango account you invited: the user needs to log in using the same email address you invited.

    1. If the user has multiple Tango accounts, make sure they are logged into the account you invited when accepting the invitation.

  2. Triple check the email spelling -

  3. Quadruple check your spam filter - I know you rolled your eyes at this one, but we swear it still happens!

    1. If you’re not receiving the invite email at all, reach out to your company’s IT department to see if emails from are blocked

Still having trouble? Contact [email protected] with the Workspace Admin’s email address, and the invited user’s email address. We'll take care of it.

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