What is a Workspace?
Tango Workspaces is our newest way for users to collaborate.
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When you create a Tango account, we create a corresponding Workspace for you to store your Tango Workflows. Your first Workspace is the first thing you see when you log into app.tango.us for the first time, and at its creation, it is a solo space for you to organize all of the processes you’ve documented. But Workspaces are meant for collaboration 😈.

With Workspaces, you can invite other Tango users to view, edit and share their own processes with a single invitation. Just click “Invite Members” to add your friends or colleagues to your Workspace. If you invite new Tango users your Workspace, they will by default join your Workspace rather than starting with their own.

Worried about sharing early drafts of your processes or personal projects? Each Workspace has a Personal and a Team section. When you first capture a Workflow, it is stored in Personal, and you can move it to Team when you’re ready for others to see your masterpiece.

If you’re on Tango’s Starter plan, you can invite up to 25 users to your Workspace, and create up to 25 Workflows. In Starter, there is no Workspace Admin, and everything in a Starter Team Workspace has shared ownership. You will always still have your Personal section for creating and refining your processes before sharing them.

With Tango Pro, your Team Workspace gets a little more sophisticated 😎. Upgrading your Starter Workspace to Tango Pro automatically makes you the Administrator of that Workspace. As a Tango Pro, you can:

  • 📄 Capture an unlimited number of Workflows

  • 🎟️ Add, remove, and designate admin privileges to other users

  • 🧡 set brand color and logo preferences for your Workspace

    A Pro Workspace can have an unlimited number of Pro users within the Workspace, and up to 25 free users accessing and editing Team Workflows.

What if I’m invited to a Pro Workspace, but I’m on the Starter plan?

If you haven’t upgraded to Tango Pro yet, you can still join a Pro Workspace. There are some limitations you will still experience though:

  • You won’t be able to download branded PDF’s, even if they’re in the Pro Workspace.

  • Pro features like Live Blur and Desktop will not be accessible.

  • You can still only create 25 Workflows.

Creating new Workspaces

Do you have a side hustle, or work as a contractor with multiple companies? Both Starter and Pro users can create up to 10 Workspaces, to keep organizational barriers clearly intact. Here’s how you can create new Workspaces.

It’s important to note that a Pro upgrade is per Workspace, so any new Workspace you create will begin as Starter, and you have the option to upgrade multiple Workspaces.

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