How do I invite a teammate to my Workspace?

How to invite others to a Workspace

How do I upgrade my teammates in my Workspace to Pro?

How to Invite and Upgrade Team Members

How do I remove users from my Workspace?

How to remove people from a Workspace

Can I transfer Workflow ownership within a Workspace?

Workflow ownership cannot be transferred by the user, but you can move the Workflow to your Shared with Workspace library, where others may edit it.

How do I see who is in my Workspace?

How to view members in a Workspace

How many users can I invite to my Workspace?

A Starter Workspace can have up to 25 users collaborating and creating in the Workspace. To collaborate with more than 25 users, upgrade your team’s Workspace to Pro.

Do I have to upgrade everyone in my Workspace to Pro?

No. More information here.

How do I change the roles of the users in my Workspace?

How to Change the Roles of Teammates in a Workspace
*Note: Each Pro Workspace needs an Admin. If you are the only Creator Pro Admin in a Workspace and wish to transfer Admin responsibility, you will need to invite a Creator Pro Admin prior to downgrading yourself.

How do I change the name of my Workspace

How to change the name of a Workspace

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