Workspace Administration
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How do I invite a teammate to my Workspace?

How do I upgrade my teammates in my Workspace to Pro?

How do I remove or delete users from my Workspace as an Admin?

Can I transfer Workflow ownership within a Workspace?

Workflow ownership cannot be transferred by the user, but you can move the Workflow to your Shared with Workspace library, where others may edit or duplicate it.

How do I see who is in my Workspace?

How many users can I invite to my Workspace?

A Free Workspace can have up to 10 users collaborating and creating in the Workspace. To collaborate with more than 10 users, you will need to add Pro seats or speak with our Commercial team about a Business or Enterprise plan.

Do I have to upgrade everyone in my Workspace to Pro?

No! You are able to have a mix of Creator Frees and Creator Pros in your Workspace. More information here.

How do I change the roles of the users in my Workspace?

How to Change the Roles of Teammates in a Workspace
*Note: Each Pro Workspace needs an Admin. If you are the only Creator Pro Admin in a Workspace and wish to transfer Admin responsibility, you will need to invite a Creator Pro Admin prior to downgrading yourself.

How do I change the name of my Workspace

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