What is the 15 workflow limit warning I see?

Creators on our Tango Free plan are limited to 15 Workflows before being prompted to upgrade to Tango Pro.

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Users on the Free plan are allowed a maximum number of 15 "active" Tangos per Workspace.

As the 15 workflow limit is hit, a warning bar will appear letting you know you've hit the limit. At this point, you will be preventing from capturing workflows until workflows are archived or deleted or until the account is upgraded to Tango Pro.

Upgrading to Tango Pro allows a user to get unlimited workflows. Alternatively, Free users are able to archive and delete Workflows to make room for more, but they'll only be able to edit, share, export, and embed up to 15 at once.

Why is Tango doing this?

Since day 1, Tango has strived to offer a generous free version that allows users to create fast and delightful documentation and interactive walkthroughs.

We want Tango Creators who are just getting started to explore Tango and take advantage of the amazing time saving and knowledge sharing capabilities. We also want small teams to be able to add up to 10 members to a workspace and get a ton of value with Tango.

So why limit usage? In short, it costs money to provide Tango and host significant amounts of content at scale. We also want to continue providing exceptional performance, improving functionality, and innovating on amazing new features. Charging a subscription helps us to do that and we hope that by the time you have 15 workflows, you’ve experienced the time-saving magic of Tango and are willing to invest in Tango’s growth with a paid subscription for you or your teammates.

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