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What is included in Tango Business?
What is included in Tango Business?

How is Tango Business different from Tango Pro?

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Tango Pro is great for power users looking for an easy solution to training guides. With Tango Pro, you get the following features:

  • Unlimited Workflows

  • Live Blur to manually blur PII during capture

  • Desktop Capture

  • Folder Sharing

  • Customized branding for PDF Downloads

However, if you're rolling out software or working on a complicated training project, we understand you might need even more from your Tango plan. That's why we created Tango Business, which offers everything in Tango Pro as well as:

⭐️ SSO (SAML), flexible user administration

⭐️ Viewer seats for using real time Guidance walkthroughs across tools

⭐️ Automatically blur PII during capture

⭐️ Standard onboarding & training

⭐️ Admin analytics dashboard

If this sounds like your team, fill out this form to chat with us. We've got more features coming soon!

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