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How do I set my Workspace icon?
How do I set my Workspace icon?

You can upload your brand logo as your Workspace icon, or choose a Tango fruit!

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This Workflow showcases the new Workspace icon picker along with the new Branding tab under Workspace Settings
We now give you the ability to change:

  • your Workspace icon, the little image that will render next to your Workspace name on Tango. You can either select one of our default icon sets or upload a custom one

  • your Brand logo, your custom logo that is placed on exported PDFs*

*Only for Pro users

Date: January 11, 2023

Author: Maxime Heckel

Source: Tango

2. Click on Workspace Settings

Click on Workspace Settings

3. Customize your Workspace Icon

You should now see the new Workspace Icon section, with the new Workspace Icon picker.

Customize your Workspace Icon

4. Click on Update Workspace icon

Click on Update Workspace icon

5. Update your Workspace Icon (1)

Try to change your Workspace Icon using one of our default icons. You should see the icon updated across the entire app immediately

Update your Workspace Icon (1)

6. Update your Workspace icon (2)

Click on "Custom" to upload a custom Workspace Icon. You can either:

  • Drag and drop an image

  • Paste an image

  • Click "Browse for files"

Update your Workspace icon (2)

7. Pro users can also click on Branding within Workspace settings to upload their brand logo for custom PDF exports.


Click on Branding

8. The Branding section lets Pro users customize their logo for exports as well as choose custom colors for the highlighter during capture.

Update your Brand Logo

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