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How to Embed a Tango into your website or knowledge base
How to Embed a Tango into your website or knowledge base

Embedding a live version of your Tango into your website or knowledge base is the best way to share a Tango.

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Why use Embed? The Embed feature dynamically inserts your Tango into a third-party app like a wiki or a knowledge base, meaning it will stay up-to-date wherever you’ve shared it. Just make edits to the original Workflow and the changes will be reflected wherever you’ve shared it.

Embed into your knowledge base: Organizations using a knowledge base (KB) can insert our Embed code into a wiki page and offer their viewers a seamless experience to click through their Tangos without leaving the KB. Embed can be set up with a few clicks in KBs like Notion, Confluence and Zendesk. Admin access is required to update settings for other KBs like SharePoint.

Embed into your website: Our Embed code can work in any website that supports Iframes. Every website is different and we don’t have explicit instructions for configuring Embed in every website.

Below is a list of specific instructions on how to embed Tangos into commonly used websites or knowledge bases. This list is not exhaustive! If you are looking to embed into a platform not mentioned and are running into trouble, reach out to us at [email protected]!

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