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I’m not getting the Tango Verification email

There are a few reasons that you might not be getting a verification email or password reset email from Tango.

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If you've tried resetting your password, or aren't seeing our verification email to set up an account, try checking the below:

  1. Did you sign up with Google?

    1. If you signed up with Google, you never created a password, and Tango will not send a verification email or password reset email.

    2. If you think you forgot your password, and aren’t getting the email to reset, it may mean you never set one because you signed in with Google. Try signing back in with Google.

  2. Can you triple check your Spam folder for us?

  3. And the spelling in your email address?

    1. We know these two seem obvious, but they happen more often than you’d think, so we have to ask!

  4. Finally, if none of the above are true, check with your company’s IT department. It’s possible the email was bounced, or is delayed by your email server's security and filtering. Contact Support if all else fails.

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