Resetting your password

To change your login password for your account or to assign a password to your Google login, read below

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Username and password logins:

If you already have an email and password account and would like to reset your password, please click here:

Please note, if you signed up for a Tango account using Google SSO, you will not receive a password reset email, you will need to follow the below instructions.

Sign in with Google logins

If you created an account with "Sign Up with Google" but would now like to login using username & password, please follow these steps to "set a password" on your account:

  1. Logout from your account

  2. Sign up with the same email address you've used for your Google SSO (i.e. Sign-in with Google)

  3. Set a password

And you're all set! You'll be able to access all the same content that you did while you were logging in with Google SSO.

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