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How to troubleshoot SSO

Running into issues logging in with SSO?

Written by Tango Engineering (FE)
Updated over a week ago

We're sorry you're running into issues signing into your Tango account using SSO. Here are a few things you can try.

Verify both emails match exactly

Many of our SSO users have multiple email accounts on their identity provider (Azure AD, Okta, etc.). A common source of issues is selecting an email account that does not exactly match the email address for your Tango account.
For example, if your Tango account uses [email protected] but you accidentally select [email protected] in your identity provider, your login will fail. Double check that you are logged in on an email account that exactly matches your Tango login.

Logout again

We created a page which makes sure there are no lingering or mismatched authentication tokens on your browser. Visit this page to ensure you're logged out properly and then try signing in again.

Clear your cookies

Sometimes turning it off and on again works magic! Try this Tango if the step above does not fix the issue.

Contact support

If none of these fixes work, please email [email protected] and include the following information. The more information you are able to include, the faster our team can help you get unstuck. Thank you in advance!

Subject: Tango SSO Issue - YOUR_COMPANY_NAME


  1. What issue are you having?

  2. What email address are you using?

  3. What is your identity provider?

  4. If you are able to, please include a video recording, Loom, or screenshots of what you are seeing. This is invaluable for our support team, as we do not have visibility into your IdP. If we do not have this, we may not be able to assist you without scheduling a video meeting.

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