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What permissions will I need to enable to use Tango's Desktop App?
What permissions will I need to enable to use Tango's Desktop App?

What Tango Desktop needs to capture your desktop processes.

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For Mac: When installing the Tango Desktop app, we will ask you to enable a few different permissions on your device, which will allow us to create a clear step-by-step guide for you to share:

  • Accessibility Permissions: These allow us to track your mouse clicks and keyboard shortcuts (also known as chords). Tango does not track all keyboard actions but only recognizes when you are inputting a shortcut on an app to complete an action. For example, we will capture “cmd+v”, but if you’re filling out a form, we won’t track you writing down your name or any other similar data.

  • Screen Recording Permissions: We need screen recording permissions to take a screenshot to capture each action you take and put it into a Tango. This is what allows us to create clear step-by-step guides with highlights of each action.

For Windows: Special permission may need to be given to install the Desktop app on a Windows device. If your device is managed by your organization, you may need to reach out to your IT team for permission.

Is Tango Desktop recording even when it’s off?

As long as you have not clicked “Capture Workflow” in the pop-up window, the Tango Desktop app is not screen recording or tracking your actions on your device.

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