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Can I capture desktop Workflows?

Tango Desktop is available on the Tango Pro plan and allows you to capture across non web-based programs like Microsoft Excel and Office.

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How do I access Tango Desktop?

To download the Tango Desktop, upgrade to Tango Pro in-app and you'll then get access to a download link for your account in your dashboard.

What will Tango’s Desktop app capture?

  • The Tango Desktop App is installed locally and allows you to capture the same great step-by-step Workflows on both Mac (ARM & X64) and Windows 10/11.

  • Once a capture is completed, the Workflow will be fully editable and stored alongside your other Workflows in your web app at

  • The Desktop App is able to capture across both desktop and browser based programs in a single capture period.

What permissions will I need to enable to install Tango's Desktop App?

Answer for Mac: When installing the Tango app, we will ask you to enable a few different permissions on your device, which will allow us to create a clear step-by-step guide for you to share. Below are the permissions we ask you to enable on a Mac, and how we use them:

  • Accessibility Permissions: These allow us to track your mouse clicks and keyboard shortcuts (also known as chords). Tango does not track all keyboard actions, but only recognizes when you are inputting a shortcut on an app to complete an action. So, for example, we will capture “cmd+v”, but if you’re filling out a form, we won’t track you writing down your name or any other similar data.

  • Screen Recording Permissions: We need screen recording permissions to take a screenshot to capture each action you take and put it into a Workflow. This is what allows us to create clear step-by-step guides with highlights of each action.

Answer for Windows: Tango's Desktop app is signed. As the publisher, Tango has authenticated and verified the application with a digital certificate.

Is Tango Desktop recording even when it’s off?

As long as you have not clicked “Capture Workflow” in the pop-up window in your screen, the Tango Desktop app is not screen recording or tracking your actions on your device. For additional peace of mind, when you are not capturing a workflow, you are able to quit the Tango Desktop app.

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