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What does Tango not capture?
What does Tango not capture?

Tango works on almost all websites and web applications, but there are a few exceptions.

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Tango makes documenting your processes super simple, but there are instances where our extension has trouble documenting the website where you're working.

  1. The first thing to note is that Tango is a Chrome extension, which also works on Microsoft Edge. Unfortunately if you're looking to capture on your Desktop or in another browser, the Tango extension is not the best solution - you'll want to try out our Desktop app (a Pro feature) using the code TANGOPRO for one month free of Tango Pro.

  2. When it comes to websites, Tango does not capture Chrome Settings, the Chrome store, or details within a Google Doc or Google Sheet. This has to do with the way Google presents those windows, using canvas, which means we are unable to select the images inside of it.

If you come across any other websites that Tango doesn't capture, feel free to write into support at [email protected] and we'll see if we're able to make improvements! Otherwise, try out Desktop, or upload a screenshot to that part of the Workflow to continue making your Tango.

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