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Will the Desktop app work with the programs I use?
Will the Desktop app work with the programs I use?
Here's what Tango's Desktop app will capture.
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The Tango Desktop App is another way to capture high-resolution images of your process for both Mac (ARM & X64) and Windows 10/11. It will auto-generate high-resolution images, highlighting the steps within a Workflow. It is compatible with most downloadable software that is up-to-date with your device's current software version.

  • It will generate a fully editable Workflow that will show up alongside your other Workflows in your Web App.

  • When working between your browser and your desktop, the Desktop App will capture both (including Chrome settings!). Please note, when working within the extension, you cannot capture on your Desktop.

  • Desktop is a Pro only feature. You can upgrade today to make sure you have access to Desktop ASAP!

How is the Tango Desktop app different than the Tango extension?

  • While the Desktop app captures clicks and keyboard shortcuts in clear screenshots, the step descriptions may be less precise.

  • Tango Desktop does not offer Live Blur.

  • Tango Desktop will capture a step when you drag and drop an element or use a keyboard shortcut (ex. "Cmd + c").

  • Workflows in Tango Desktop can be started, stopped, paused, and resumed with special keyboard shortcuts to maximize your speed.

We welcome your feedback and feature requests for how we can continue to improve Tango's Desktop app!

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