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Are there limits to how many steps I can capture in a Workflow?
Are there limits to how many steps I can capture in a Workflow?

Save your workflow and click Add steps to continue capturing beyond 100 steps

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If you need to capture beyond 100 steps in a single Workflow, you'll need to first save your workflow and then later click Add steps during editing.

This limitation is by design to prevent accidental captures and to optimize the user experience. While it is possible to have up to 1000 steps in a Workflow, please keep in mind that extremely long workflows can be slow to load on some computers.

One thing you could consider is dividing a process into multiple Workflows, or utilizing the description boxes under certain steps and hyperlink other Workflows as sub-steps. This can also be helpful for people on your team who, for example, maybe often have trouble recalling a certain section of steps, but may not need instructions for all it.

Creation Date: January 4, 2024

Created By: Angela Wu Li


1. Click on Add steps

Click on Add more step

2. Click on Capture steps

Click on Capture steps

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