What is a Guest?

What if someone shouldn't have access to your whole Workspace, but they still need to view a Workflow? Consider inviting them as a Guest.

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Anyone on any plan can invite guests to view specific workflows. Guests can be added to view any number of workflows, and can trial Guidance 3 times in any Workspace.

They do not have access to the Workspace and cannot create, edit, or duplicate any workflows in the Workspace.

After a Guest uses up their Guidance trial, they will be prompted with a message to "Ask to join the Workspace". Read more: Why am I out of guided views?

If you want to invite a user to view select Workflows in your Workspace, you can add them as a Guest to those Workflows.

1. Select the Workflow you want to share

Select the Workflow you want to share

2. Click on Share & Export

3. Type the user's email address

They will be prompted to create a Tango account if they do not have one.

Type the user's email address

4. Click on Invite

Click on Invite

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