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Can I install Guidance as a plug-in to my own product?
Can I install Guidance as a plug-in to my own product?

Guidance is designed for teams to share knowledge quickly on processes that they've captured with Tango, to other Tango users.

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Guidance is a great solution for training clients on custom-built CRMs and complex platforms with a ton of processes. The best way to get those users access to Guidance is to invite them as View-only Guests to the specific workflows they'll need. It's important to note Guidance will not work on publicly shared Tango links except for users who have been invited or are in the Workspace where the Tango has been shared.

We know teams use Tango for product education externally with their users and customers, and we love that. Guidance was designed first for internal knowledge sharing and for users who have access to your Workspace. There currently is no way to white-label Guidance into your own product as a means of providing walkthroughs outside of Tango.

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