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What kind of data does Tango have access to?
What kind of data does Tango have access to?
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When you use Tango to capture workflows, we collect your clicks, keystrokes, and the content that appears on your browser window during the capture period. The capture period begins when you click “Capture Workflow” in the extension and ends when you “Complete” the capture in the extension.

You must start capturing a workflow in order for Tango to collect data. Tango does not capture your clicks, keystrokes, or screen content unless you have initiated and are actively in a capture session.

In order to provide our services, Tango may also request the names of your current browser tabs or the URL of your current tab (for example, to show you relevant Tango workflows for that page). For more information on the data we collect and how we use it, see our Privacy Policy.

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