Tango users can see the number of views on any Workflow they have access to. Workflow views are calculated when a Tango link is opened by a viewer or when an embedded Tango has been viewed at least one step into the Workflow.

Where can I find my workflow views?

You can find your workflow views in two places:

1. On the Workflow summary card in the Tango application

2. At the top of the Workflow’s page itself.

Why is the number of views different than I expected?

There could be a couple of reasons why your Workflow shows a different number of views than you expected:

  • We do not count a Workflow view if you are the creator of the Workflow and view your own Workflow.

  • If you share a link with someone, they may have viewed it multiple times on different browsers or devices. Each of these views counts towards the total number.

  • If you are logged out of Tango and view your own Workflow, we are unable to identify your account and will count those views as well.

  • If you export your Workflow as a Tango Embed (iframe) and embed it in a platform like Notion or Confluence, we will track a view when someone navigates through your workflow.

Can I see who viewed my Workflow?

Not yet. In the future, we will be releasing more detailed Workflow viewer insights to help you understand the impact and reach of your Workflows.

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