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How does Guidance access and compatibility work?
How does Guidance access and compatibility work?

Here's how Guidance Live compatibility and access works.

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Guidance is available to all members and guests of a Tango Workspace, regardless of subscription level (Free, Pro, or Enterprise), as long as the recipient has explicit access to that Workflow and the Workflow has been created recently.

The easiest way to use Guidance with your team is to move all newly created content to your "Shared with Workspace" library. Read further to understand the details.

What does a recipient need to access Guidance?

To experience Guidance Live, the following must be true:

✅ Workflow permissions (ONE of the following):

  1. The Workflow is in a Shared Workspace where the recipient is also a member OR

  2. The recipient is invited to the Workflow as a Guest Viewer or Editor

✅ Workflow must have been created on or after May 17, 2023

  • If the Tango was created before May 17, 2023, the recipient will be able to open the Guidance Panel, but Guidance Live will be toggled "off."

✅ Recipient must be logged in and have the most recent version of the Tango Extension

Other notes:

Shared Workspaces have a cap of 25 members (guests included) at which point additional seats may need to be purchased.

That's it! This is a new feature as of May 2023 so reach out to us at [email protected] if you're having any issues.

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