Since day one of Tango, we have offered a generous free version of our app, and that isn't changing. We want Tango Creators who are just getting started to explore Tango and take advantage of the time savings of using Tango to capture a Workflow. As you explore creating Workflows with Tango, you may notice a Workflow counter on the bottom lefthand side of your Tango app. If you have more than 25 Workflows, you will be prompted to upgrade to Tango Pro. Tango Pro users may create an unlimited number of Workflows in their Workspace.

Why is Tango doing this? In short, it costs a lot to provide Tango and host so much content. While we’d love to make everything free, we also want to continue providing exceptional performance and improving functionality. Charging after 25 Workflows helps us to do that. We hope that by 25 Workflows, you’ve experienced the time-saving magic of Tango and are willing to invest in Tango’s growth with a paid subscription.

Once you've created 25 Workflows, you will either need to delete Workflows or upgrade to Tango Pro to capture a new Workflow in your Workspace.

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