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What is the Generate FAQ button I see?
What is the Generate FAQ button I see?

Automagic FAQs are in Beta for a select number of users

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If you see a "Generate FAQ" button at the bottom of your workflow, it means you have been opted into our open beta! When used, "Generate FAQ" uses AI technology to gather context on your Tango and auto-generate questions that a user might have about your process... and then answers them! You can edit or delete the FAQs, but you can only generate them once.

If you don't want to add FAQs to your workflow, ignore the button and your viewers will not see any FAQ section at all. If you generate FAQs and don't like the answers, you can edit or delete them.

FAQs currently only show up in Workflows when they are shared by URL. In the future, they will be added to other Tango Share and Export formats.

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